Alamo…and we got a cool motorcycle!

San Antonio Texas

San Antonio is a great place, if you haven’t there you should go. They have a well developed river walk near the Alamo with older stores and restaurants mixed in with regional and national chains. It’s a tourist area done well and a great place to be. For Mexican food I like Casa Rio (Founded 1946), and for breakfast try Schilo’s Delicatessen (1917). This part of town was settled pretty early and built around the Alamo when it was a mission. Everybody who lives in the Southwest should spend some time in at the Alamo, it’s much more than Texas history.


They’re bigger than they look!


The Alamo

Alamo Casa Rio San Antonio River Walk

Casa Rio…look at that taco!


Alamo San Antonio Texas River Walk Casa Rio

River Walk from Casa Rio Patio

Alamo San Antonio Texas River Walk Schilo's


San Antonio Sunrise

San Antonio Sunrise

I already miss this place.

 Cool Motorcycle!

I got a text from our friend Neil last Friday. “Do you want to come pick up Dad’s ’36 Sunday or Monday?” Me, “Sunday.” So we drove down to Salton Sea for this beauty, it’s a 1936 Harley-Davidson VLD, 74″, side valve, flat head…with a few things missing and a few things added on over the years. Usually I assess a project before tackling it but in this case an emergency intervention was necessary. This motorcycle needed it’s dignity back so after a nice lunch (thanks Jose), we broke out the Kroil and the wrenches.

Harley-Davidson VLD

As delivered

Harley-Davidson VLD

After a haircut

Harley-Davidson VLD

The seat came off first

Harley-Davidson VLD

The tank needs work-see Lori’s blog

Harley-Davidson VLD

The bars and risers are going too

Harley-Davidson VLD

She claimed it

 Next step, find everything that used to be inside the engine and transmission, and wheels, and brakes, and controls, and…finish the YZ80, the Jeep, and the Motor Palace, and work. Be sure to check out Lori’s blog for better pictures –


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