Birthday 2016 is Used Up

Birthday News!

Birthday surprises are always good and I got one on our drive to Winslow last week. Cal-Trans closed Route 66 between Kelbaker and Mountain Springs roads since flooding damaged bridges in September of 2014. The surprise is Route 66 is now opened to Goffs Road providing access to Essex, Chambless, The Road Runner Retreat, and Cadiz Summit. Goffs Road is the pre-1931 alignment and this alignment will give a little more Route 66 time as well as the opportunity to visit Fenner. (I like the Hi Sahara Oasis)

California Route 66 Roadrunner retreat

Road Runner Retreat


California Route 66 Cadiz Summit

Cadiz Summit


California Route 66 Cadiz Summit

Cadiz Summit

Winslow Birthdays

Lori and I have spent my birthday in Winslow since she made the mistake of asking me, “What do you want to do for your birthday?” In fact we found the Motor Palace on a birthday trip in 2010. This year we left the week after so my birthday lasted about two weeks.

One night in Yucca Valley, then on to Winslow. A  longer than planned, but enjoyable lunch with strangers put us a few hours behind schedule. We arrived in Winslow about eleven thirty PM and thirty degrees. Fortunately some of the recent work included sealing and insulating the space between the roof and the masonry walls. We slept well and woke up early and had plenty of time to finish projects, visit with friends and explore.

Winslow Arizona

Lori on Territorial Rd near Winslow


Winslow Arizona

Chevelon Creek Bridge


Winslow Arizona

Chevelon Creek, brought to you by Ed


Winslow Arizona

Chevron Bridge


Winslow Arizona Brown Mug Cafe Birthday

Lori showing off her Brown Mug Cafe taco

Motor Palace Progress

Joe and his crew got a bunch done in December including some electrical, tuck pointing, sealing and insulating. Last but not least they removed the framing the previous owners had installed to cover the bricks and plaster with drywall.

Winslow Arizona

We’ll finish out the window frames and seal this stuff as it is.


Winslow Arizona

Over a hundred years of plaster and paint on these walls.



Back to Two Crows

After a big lunch at the Winslow-Lindberg Airport’s E&O Kitchen we headed south on the 87 and cut across west to Jerome. Jerome’s a gentrified ghost town on a steep hill and a great place to walk around. There’s likely some really good food here too but we were stuffed from E&O and didn’t eat…didn’t get any good pictures either. It is a cool place and you should go take some pictures for us.

Our next planned stop was Sedona. This place is beautiful but it was so packed they had guys directing parking. It was more like a California beach city on the first sunny Saturday in February than a desert/mountain town. By the time we got through the traffic to the good part we’d had enough and didn’t stop ’til Seligman for a great dinner at Westside Lilo’s. It was just after dark when Lori finished her “Fruits of the Forest pie” and we decided to drive on to Yucca Valley.

Death Valley

Sometime on the trip Lori ran across something about the wildflower “Super Bloom” in Death Valley and we agreed we should check it out. When she read it was already receding and will likely be gone by our planned trip in March we decided not to wait. Made a reservation at the Shoshone Inn and got back on the road Thursday morning.

It was a nice drive across the Mojave Desert Preserve and north via Baker. On arrival we were pleased to see the Shoshone Inn is under renovation and the very nice lady at the desk informed us there was a problem with the rooms but they had secured a cabin for us walking distance from the motel. This happens to us fairly often and it always seems to work out well. Turns out the “cabin” was an upgrade to an interestingly remodeled double wide mobile home. It was big and comfortable and done in mostly white. Miami Vice and Scarface were my first thoughts…pretty much my only thoughts. Anyway it was fun and we got to see one of the strangest toilets ever.

For those who aren’t familiar with Shoshone and its history here’s a primer. If you want to learn more about Death Valley I highly recommend Loafing Along Death Valley Trails. It’s also available in many libraries.

BNSF Railroad Amboy California

Should have passed the truck about five miles back, but it worked out ok.


Tortilla Press Charles Brown Shoshone California

Well worn and patched tortilla press resting Charles Brown’s store. Shoshone California


Shoshone California

Lori tickling the ivories in the “Coke Dealers Suite.”


Infinity toilet Shoshone California

Bathroom in the “Coke Dealers Suite.” Infinity mirrors and no door…I couldn’t use it.


Motordolls Death Valley Bad Water Basin

Lori at Bad Water Basin in Death Valley


Motordolls Death Valley Birthday

A Selfie of Lori taking a selfie.


Ram Trucks Death Valley Wild Flowers

Our Ram enjoying the wildflowers.


Wildflower Death Valley



Death Valley Salt Creek

Salt Creek, home of Death Valley’s Pup Fish.



Cruising desert trails in the Jeep is becoming one of my favorite pastimes…so here’s a couple of pictures from Saturday. I found one of the trails to the Joshua Tree National Park Boundary, about two miles from us. Hope I can find it again!




Lori says, “Bye!”

Death Valley Motordoll Canon

“I’m not a hippie”

For more on our trip visit Lori’s Motor Dolls site

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