Road Trip August 2014

Road Trip to Nashville

The last several summers we’ve ridden motorcycles cross country and blogged daily the last three or four. This year’s a little different…

We planned our road trip to Nashville on the motorcycles; checked routes, prepped bikes, figured out a couple “must sees” and all the usual…then something really good happened. We found our dream homestead (Two Crows) in a Joshua tree forest. Problem was the sellers needed a little time which put the close of escrow a couple days past when we should leave. After the usual hiccups we closed escrow but needed the truck to move a few things from Winslow to Two Crows. So we drove.

Below are a couple shots of Two Crows. We’re going nuts right now, we want to play here!!!

Two Crows Joshua Tree California Road Trip

View from front porch at Two Crows

Two Crows Road Trip Joshua Tree

Back of property. Two Crows Homestead

We’ll have plenty of stuff on Two Crows so we’ll get to the road trip. Bonus link to Lori’s intro to Two Crows on  Town-Home-Steaders.

Road Trip

We spent the night on the floor at Two Crows and left early in the morning for Winslow. We spent a day watching the rain, meeting with our contractor Joe, hanging out with the neighbors and wrangling their kids. After the storm we took a truck drive to the Little Painted Desert. We stopped at Chee’s Trading post,  Albequerque, Santa Rosa to see the Blue Hole and look at a building we like. Regretfully we didn’t eat at Joseph’s before continuing to Tucumcari for a restful night in the Blue Swallow.

66 Motor Palace Winslow Arizona road trip

No Road Trip is complete without a stop On the Corner and 66 Motor Palace

Little Painted Desert Winslow, Arizona.

Little Painted Desert

Chee's Navajoe Frybread

Frybread fiend!

Albuquerque New Mexico Chaps

Found these in Albuquerque. Curt Curtis needs them.

Texan New Mexico Santa Rosa Bluehole

Texans on a road trip diving into Santa Rosa New Mexico’s Blue Hole

 On to Arkansas

Just across the border is the Hickory Inn Cafe of Vega Texas. Skip the tourist traps on either side and eat here. This place is small, clean, friendly, easy to get to, and the food is outstanding. Lori loved her praline pancake and I had Chicken Fried Steak (it was real and they make it in their kitchen). Hickory Inn Cafe’s Chicken Fried Steak is a 10. Adding to the experience, our waiter–who’s starting his sophomore year in High School–is an example of why people in Texas have a reputation for being polite and helpful. I’m sure his parents are proud!  I mean it, if you’re within 100 miles of this place make the effort to eat here, you’ll thank me. It’s on Route 66!


Blazing across the Panhandle and western Oklahoma we stopped at Cherokee Trading Post for a map of Arkansas and were distracted by their large selection of boots…many made in USA. Lori scored a nice pair of Justin’s she’s already put to good use.

Justin boots made in USA Cherokee Trading Post

Lori’s so Coachella in her new boots!


We spent the night in Ft. Smith Arkansas and I posted a picture of a catfish restaurant on Instagram. luluis50 commented she was from Arkansas and we asked for food recommendations along the 40. We followed her advice and were rewarded with a near out of body experience. Craig’s Bar-B-Q and Mary Thomas’ shop, Family Pie. I can’t do these places justice with words so check out these links and get to De Vall’s Bluff Arkansas now.

Family Pies Mary Thomas

Mary Thomas NY Times article from 1987

Craig’s Bar-B-Q


I’m going to wrap here with a teaser shot to where we stayed next. It’s worth a post of it’s own. Thanks for reading and wish a Sportster Happy Birthday! August 25th, 1957

Tennessee cabin road trip

Why everyone should go on a road trip to anywhere.

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