Nashville is easy. I’ve done it by motorcycle, pick-up truck, and a few airplanes, but this year Arizona snow had other plans.

I’ll keep it short. A snow storm pinned us down in Flagstaff, so with two canceled flights we made a bonsai run to Phoenix and caught another plane. Good news was we made it to Nashville; bad news was our planned Santa Fe destination was now off the table. The rerouted flights put ten hours, a couple of mountain ranges, closed roads, and a lot of snow between us and Santa Fe after our nine p.m. Phoenix landing at week’s end.

Barriers to Nashville

Our Flagstaff Paradise and Prison

Ram Truck

Ram in Snow

Made it to Nashville

Nashville as always was friendly, hospitable, and lots of fun. We spent the most time between Printers Alley, Broadway, and Music City Center. We stayed downtown and walked thirty plus miles (according to Lori’s Fitbit) over three days. Nashville’s energy level is high, major construction projects are everywhere, and everyone’s repairing, restoring, preserving and repurposing something… and I have to say the Music City Center is the nicest convention center I’ve experienced.

Despite all the construction it’s still easy to get around. Cranes here are about as common as Porsches in Newport Beach and pretty interesting to watch.

Nashville Music City Center

Music City Center Rocking Chairs

Saved and now the Hard Rock Cafe gift shop. I really like this building.

Nashville old building

The Cohen Building is a bridal shop, corp. HQ, and luxury loft.

Nashville art

Nashville style on display at Ensamble

Hotel Indigo Nashville

Hotel Indigo Nashville–  Home for a few Days. We really liked this place and do recommend it.

417 Union Nashville

417 Union– Great breakfast and real nice people in a comfortable space.

Skull's Rainbow Room Nashville

Skulls Rainbow Room- The legend lives on. Great food and entertainment. Reservations recommended.

Tour Busses Nashville

Tour Busses in Ryman Theater parking lot.

Broadway Nashville

Night time on Broadway- You’ll not be disappointed, it’s still the real deal.

Printers Alley Nashville

Printers Alley

Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar Nashville

Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar- “Bons Temps” here, cool venue, good catfish, and friendly staff.

Gil Gann Nashville

Gil Gann- Watching Gil Gann play was an unexpected highlight of the trip, Gil’s pure Cool.

Back in California…


Nice lady

I like her smile


Desert Center California

Desert Center- Last stop on the drive home.


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