Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. My first hero–besides my father and grandpa–was JD Moore, known as Jerry to me. Jerry was my Dad’s best friend when I was three to five years or so.

If his name sounds familiar it’s because I wrote about him in the “Legend” of the Motor Palace.

At age three I didn’t know much about the world but Jerry was always nice to me and feigned interest in whatever I had to say or show. Throughout life I’ve remembered him as a “cool guy.” The last time I saw him was July of 1970, over the years I often wondered where he went and what he did.

About two years ago I found him while helping my mom with some “LinkedIn spam” or something she was having trouble with on her computer. Whatever it was, I found Jerry and sent him an email. Turns out he’s cooler than I thought, but a little creeped out that a kid he knew in the ’60s had been cyber-stalking him for no good reason.

Anyway, Jerry successfully lives life on his own terms. He’s happily married and retired in Greece with his wife, Alexandra, who is a college professor. They met while she was earning her PHD in Colorado (where he ended up)…and he’s as “cool” as I remembered all those years ago.

Just don’t call him a hero.

Rocky Mountain Trading Company, Hero

Here’s a flyer for his store when it was in Long Beach CA. (Not Long Beach AZ.)


J.D. Moore, Joe Law, MoJoe Hero one, Hero Two

Jerry and my Father at Jerry’s wedding.


JD Moore, Triumph TR3, Hero

Jerry, and Nancy in his TR3

J.D. Moore Hero

J.D. Moore in 2015


Other Cool Stuff

Lori’s friend Jodie has told us to visit the Grand Falls (AKA Chocolate Falls) since we bought the Motor Palace and we finally made it out. They’re seasonal and we’ll be going back to see them when the water’s flowing the full width. If water never flowed this would be an impressive rock formation. Another place to add to your “to go” list. Bring a truck or someone else’s car, you’ll be crossing about twenty miles of dirt road.  “GRAND FALLS NAVAJO NATION

Grand Falls, Chocolate Falls, Navajo Nation


Grand Falls, Jeep, Navajo Nation

That’s a Jeep, an Expedition, and a Tahoe on the mesa if I remember correctly.


Western Sky, Sunset

Sunset from 29 Palms, according to Instagram it was about the same in most of the West.


Salvation Mountain

Been hearing of this place for years, seen a million pictures, have even ridden within four miles of it, yet still, seeing it in person exceeded my expectations. Leonard Knight made it by covering a hill with latex paint. Pictures don’t do it Justice…go see it. “SALVATION MOUNTAIN













Ford Fiesta

BTW, we rented this 2015 Ford Fiesta and I really liked it. Managed 40 MPG on 520 mile loop.


Winslow and Highway Stuff

Winslow Arizona

The south wall with the drywall framing removed

Winslow Arizona

What a building full of construction junk looks like.

Salt River, Arizona

The old Salt River bridge. It was left up so people can walk across from the rest area.

Salt River Arizona

The Salt River in Arizona

Southern California, Colorado River Aqueduct

Colorado River Aqueduct at Highway 62

Casita Camper, Highway 62

Casita Camper on Highway 62

Motor Dolls, Ram Truck

BTW it doesn’t get 40 MPG but we really like our Ram. Lori says, “Goodbye.”

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