Tourist life

The Tourist life ain’t so bad.

We’ve spent a week as tourists in a few of our favorite places and discovered a few more!

We left Orange for Two Crows with the “Lake Fire” blazing in the San Bernardino Forest. It’s a good distance but the smoke was blowing our direction and it was probably not great to breathe. To be safe we spent most of Saturday in the spa, eating enchiladas, and making our tourist plans!

Rubber Duck, Leisure Ville, Yucca Valley

He’s in charge of the thermometers.

Hatch, Green Chile, Enchiladas

Red Enchiladas stuffed with Hatch Green Chile

Winslow (and Route 66) are pretty much packed with tourists on motorcycles, cool cars, and tour buses big and small!

Swiss tourist on Motorcycles in Winslow Arizona

These guys were part of a group with about twenty bikes. I think they’re from Switzerland.

Softball Special in Winslow Arizona

Five years and I just noticed what this sign says.

Tourist Swiss Harley-Davidsons Winslow Arizona

Off they go!

We watched them come and go then decided to check out Chevelon Canyon, it was farther than we thought, so we explored a little bit of the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest south of Winslow. Chevelon Canyon is high on the list for this fall.

Arizona forrest

This is fifty miles from the Motor Palace. Once out of town we saw one truck on the way out and one on the way back.

Arizona forest tourist

She’s scouting for bears, I stayed back since I had the keys to the truck.

Arizona forrest

She’s looking for wolverines at this lower elevation.


The next day we did an overnighter at the Sacred Canyon Lodge in Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

With no idea what to expect, we just drove around and stopped at the pullouts to get a feel for the place. Each stop was more impressive than the previous. We hiked a couple well worn trails but took very few pictures. I thought I’d left my camera in the room (it was in the truck) and we planned to dig deeper the following day so all pics by iPhone. The weather went from hot and sunny to drizzle then cool soft rain. Right around sunset the sky cleared and we were treated to a parade of wild horses meandering in and out of sight, passing in front of us before disappearing in to the brush.

We drove back to the lodge for a dinner break and remembered the Great Race was breaking for lunch in Winslow the next day, so we left in the morning to see the cars. Here’s Lori’s link to the cars and yes, we’ll drive the 120 miles back to this amazing place soon. Lot’s more to see here.

Canyon de Chelly Arizona

The bottom is about seven hundred feet here.

IMG_0006 Canyon De Chelly Navajo

Spider Rock at Canyon De Chelly on the Navajo Nation. It’s about Eight hundred to the bottom.

Toyota 2000GT Winslow Arizona

Million dollar Toyota. (one of these just sold for 1,045,000)

Winslow Arizona Jeep CJ5 Great Race

’63 CJ5 with a 134 cubic inch inline four


A great day was topped spending the evening doing what being a tourist is all about, spending time with great people. A couple minutes drifted to hours as we stood on the corner (really) talking with Kevin, Linda, and Haley until they took their seats on the EVO powered Sidecar and continued on their journey home to Wisconsin. We just walked back to the Motor Palace and went to sleep. Kevin and I have stayed in touch and plan to rendezvous when the roads align.

Winslow Arizona Tourist

A tourist’s picture of tourist taking pictures of tourists!

Back to Two Crows

We did mostly Route 66 on the way home with stops in Flagstaff, Kingman, and our favorite tourist trap Seligman for lunch at the Snow Cap. (Tacos east and west this trip) John and his family are doing well and may take a shorter winter break next year as the tourist season is getting longer. While in Kingman we tried out Route 66 Ice Cream and Sweets and I highly recommend it! I planned on a cone but went for the hot fudge sundae. If the lady behind the counter was any sweeter she’d be in Texas, and the young man who created the sundae was as friendly as he was serious about making the perfect treat. They’re in a cool building too, right next to the Brunswick Hotel in the old part of town!

Snow Cap doesn’t have a website but I found this great blog post that sums up the experience and history better than I can. rosethoughts by Norine from Nevada.


20150626-L1039056 Wonder Valley

Homestead cabin on Amboy Road in Wonder Valley


Morning ride in the hills behind Two Crows

BBQ Grill Weber Rib Eye

Independence Day food.

20150713-L1039086Evo Lowrider 1993 Harley

“Road Runner Road Runner…goes a thousand miles an hour…” ’93 FXDL Low Rider

20150713-L1039089Bell Helmet Rockn Renzy Pinstrip

Hat pinstriped by Renzy

Well, there it is, I promise the next posts will be shorter and sooner. Already did a trip and have two planned in August. One on a motorcycle and one with an airplane and Uber.

Thank you for reading.

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  • I thought you had forgotten about your blog it has been so long.
    I like the picture of the GS but I thought it was afraid of the dirt?

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